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Familiar is an asymmetrical co-op puzzle game about a witch and her familiar.

Combine your unique abilities to overcome obstacles and platform your way through a victorian style mansion to regain your amulet, your broom, and eventually your freedom.

This game was developed by Team Lynx during Valkyrie Jam 2019, a 10-day all woman game jam in the north of Sweden.

Dev team

  • Olivia van den Born - Designer
  • Elin Ölund Forsling - 3D Artist
  • Linnea Östedt Harrison - Technical Artist
  • Careena Kingdom - Animator
  • Blair Kuhlman - Gameplay Programmer
  • Masha Lepire - Sound Designer & Composer
  • Katarina Smieskova - Gameplay Programmer

Special thanks to

  • Jenny Nordenborg
  • Kim Aava
  • Mikael Hedberg
  • Wilda Nordenborg
  • Mattias Bergqvist
  • Emil Sandberg
  • Jeanette Nilsson
  • Sebastian Gröndal

Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
(1 total ratings)
Tagsasymmetrical, Co-op, Local Co-Op, Magic, Puzzle-Platformer, Unity, valkyriejam, witch
MultiplayerLocal multiplayer
Player countSingleplayer

Install instructions

Download and unpack the Zip File, and then just run Lynx .exe

We recommend playing with two xbox controllers hooked up to your PC - but you can also have both players use one keyboard together.


Familiar.zip 134 MB
Familiar OST - Escape 4 MB
Familiar OST - Together 4 MB


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Hi Devs,

Thanks for releasing the game. It does look cool and I have had a play however, im not sure id it's part of the game but the fox seems to disappear regulary.

Hope you can help?

Do you want me to post a video to help you out?



wow that is unexpected! would love a video so we can understand what is happening. thank you so much for giving our game a try!

- Team Lynx